• Genre : Adventure / Education
  • Format : 52 episode x 11 minutes
  • Target : boys, age 5-8
While cleaning his house, eight-year-old Elon finds a summoning device and scooter left behind by his brilliant scientist grandfather. While riding the scooter and wearing the summoning device on his wrist he gets into a dangerous situation. Just then, the Archean necklace his grandfather left behind starts lighting up and summons an ancient Infinite Warrior (a Metalion) named Leo. Leo saves Elon from danger, and develops a liking for Elon. The newly reawakened Leo is appalled by the unruliness of humans and is saddened that Earth’s energy had long been depleted. Leo explains to Elon how he’s a Infinite Warrior and used to be his grandfather’s friend. Leo asks Elon to help him find all the remaining Archean Stones to restore the Earth’s energy. Elon designs a stone detector and uses it to begin his journey with Leo. The pair set off in search of the stones scattered around the world.

Meet the Characters


Our out-going, adventurous protagonist. Though he's only eight-years old he's already a genius inventor, and creates green-energy gadgets for him and his friends from the Eco Team. While protecting the Earth is very important to him, Elon is still a fun-loving, curious kid with a knack for getting into trouble. Growing up with an eccentric artist for a father and a brilliant professor for a mother, it's no wonder that he has such an over-abundance of brains and heart. He'll need both of these qualities in his quest to save the world from evil-- a legacy passed down to him from his grandfather Theodore. Luckily, Elon inherited more than a mission: Theodore also left behind a device that summons the Infinite Warriors, an ancient race of powerful beasts devoted to the same cause as him. Elon and his new allies are determined to defeat the nefarious Sigma Corp, and protect their beautiful planet.